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We are a Fertilizer, Plant Growth Regulator, Chemical Products Manufacturer in China

We are a fertilizer and plant growth regulator manufacturer and supplier located in China. We offer a complete line of chemical fertilizers, including phosphate fertilizer, nitrate fertilizer, sulphate fertilizer, micronutrients, and more, supplying nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and many other elements to rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, cotton, fruits, vegetables, and other foods and industrial crops.

Hot Products
    1. Mono Potassium Phosphite
    2. Mono potassium phosphate

      Fertilizer grade mono potassium phosphate is a highly efficient source of phosphorus and potassium for plants. Easily soluble in water, the fertilizer grade MKP is also commonly used as a basic raw material for compound fertilizer and liquid fertilizer. It can also work as fungicide as it is an efficient suppressor of powdery mildew in susceptible crops ...

    1. Calcium ammonium nitrate
    2. Calcium ammonium nitrate

      The calcium ammonium nitrate is an ideal nitrogen and calcium fertilizer, featuring better physical-chemical properties, less water-absorbing and caking, near-neutral in its effect on soil PH. Hence, it is ideal for the treatment of the physiological diseases from calcium-deficiency ...

    1. Ammonium sulphate
    2. Ammonium sulphate

      The ammonium sulphate is a nitrogen fertilizer especially suitable for alkaline soil. It is the raw material for making compound fertilizer, potassium sulphate, and ammonium chloride.
      In industry, it can be used for welding agent, fire retardant, electrobath additive, deliming agent of leather, dyeing auxiliaries, etc ...

    1. Magnesium sulphate anhydrate
    2. Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate

      While serving as a magnesium fertilizer, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate can prevent and cure the magnesium deficiency.
      Use in bath salts and foot baths, the raw material of manufacturing potassium sulphate and sodium sulphate, and the electrolyte to prepare cooper sulphate. In medicine, it is used as laxative ...

    1. EDDHA-Fe 6
    2. EDDHA-Fe 6

      EDDHA-Fe 6 is highly efficient for the prevention and the cure of iron deficiency. It can be used as a persistent and fast way to supply iron in the proper amount for the growth of plants. It can be directly used on the soil, show high stability and efficiency on the acid and alkaline soil ...

    1. Potassium humate powder
    2. Potassium humate powder

      The potassium humate powder is a shiny black crystal powder obtained by alkaline extraction of lignite or brown coal or leonardite. It is comprised of such active groups as hydroxyl, carboxylic acid salt and nitrogen.

      The potassium humate powder can be used as fertilizer and raw material of compound fertilizer, and it can also be used as drilling mud treatment agent, ion exchange ...

    1. Water Soluble NPK, Compound NPK
    2. Water Soluble NPK, Compound NPK

      Water soluble NPK fertilizer is most suitable for foliar application and irrigation application, produced with high quality raw materials to achieve completely water soluble, characterized by quick absorbtion and assimilation into the plant.  Granular compound NPK fertilizer is easy to use, use as basal fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer.  It has high nutrient content and good physical properties ...

    1. Gibberellic acid 90%
    2. Gibberellic acid 90%

      One of the most widely used plant growth regulators in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. Gibberellic acid has the following physiological functions: inducing monogenetic reproduction, stimulate fruit setting and growing, breaking dormancy of seeds and accelerating germination, promoting stem elongation, and enlarging leaf surface. Gibberellic acid can help accumulation of metabolites in phloem, activate ...

Over 20 years of experience has earned us superior knowledge in the production of quality organic fertilizers, water soluble NPK and related chemical products. We have a strict quality control system which guarantees the quality of all incoming raw material, each production procedure, and each finished product, in addition to our post-sale customer service. In addition, we have a team of fertilizer technicians who are experienced in the R&D and production of phosphate fertilizer and nitrate fertilizer. These factors, in addition to our advanced production and testing equipment, allow us to consistently deliver qualified chemical fertilizers and plant growth regulators to customers from over 60 countries and regions, including Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, America, Spain, Germany, France, New Zealand, and more.

Complete and efficient production equipment enable us to lower production cost greatly by reducing labor cost and improving production efficiency. We have several production bases in China. Each facility acquires raw material from local suppliers and employs local workers, which greatly reduces cost for incoming material and labor. In addition, each of our three production bases is conveniently near a port: namely, Xiamen, Qingdao, and Guangzhou Ports. Thus, we have lower transportation cost for ourselves and our customers. As a result, we are able to offer superior quality and competitively priced chemical fertilizers, plant growth regulators, lithium products, etc., to worldwide customers.

Benefiting from our strong technical capabilities, we can manufacture products according to formulas provided by our clients, and we can also offer instructions on fertilizer and plant growth regulator use. If you have any need for mono ammonium phosphate, magnesium nitrate, sodium molybdate, or any related chemical products, please don't hesitate to contact us at FNF. We look forward to working with you.