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Tripotassium phosphate

Tripotassium phosphate

The tripotassium phosphate contains 65% potassium and is a type of white crystal or powder, easily soluble in water.

1. The tripotassium phosphate can be used as a highly effective PK liquid compound fertilizer.
2. Used for the manufacture of the liquid soap, gasoline refinery, high quality paper. Use as a water softener for boilers and for use in the pharmaceutical industry.
3. In food industry, the tripotassium phosphate can be used as emulsifier, enhancer of the potassium, flavor regulator, stabilizer emulsifier and minced meat.

Formula: K3PO4
Appearance: White powder
Assay: 97% min
P2O5: 32.6% min
K2O: 65% min
Insoluble matters in water: 0.1% max
pH: 11.5-12.5

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