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Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid

The phosphoric acid is a colorless, odorless, transparent and syrupy liquid, easily soluble in water.

The phosphoric acid can be used as an acidulation in soft drinks and canned goods and spices, and nutrient in production of yeast. It can be used to control the growth of bacteria in the food industry. Furthermore, the it can be used for PH control in imitation jellies and flocculating agent.

Formula: H3PO4
Appearance: Colorless viscosity liquid
Assay: 85% min
Cl: 0.0005% max
SO4: 0.005% max
As: 0.0001% max
Pb: 0.001% max
F: 0.002% max

FNF is a China phosphoric acid manufacturer and supplier. We offer phosphoric acid, and zinc sulphate heptahydrate, DTPA-Fe. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. FNF is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing citric acid monohydrate, lithium carbonate can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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