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Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer can provide such functions as huge nutritional value, healthy appearance of both fruits and plants, strong resistance to pests and diseases etc. Thus, it can fast replenish the required nutrients and improve the quality of the crop. Moreover, it can thicken, expand and balance the leaf growth, which can also promote the cell division and improve the blossom and fruit set. Thanks to the antitoxins inside our fertilizer, both bacteria and viruses can be effectively avoided so as to help plants bear the environmental stress. As a natural soil conditioner, it can well control the fecundity of soil and reinstate the soil conditions. By improving the root system and seed germination, our product is able to promote the development of both roots and shoots.

Item Standard Test Result
N+K2O 16%MIN 16+1.5
PH 5.5-8 6.5
Organic matter 18%MIN 20
Granular 2-4mm 85% MIN 90
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