Product List
    1. Calcium ammonium nitrate

      The loss of nitrogen in calcium ammonium nitrate is much less than Urea, ammonium bicarbonate and other ammonium nitrogen fertilizers, so it is suitable for unseasonal application during summer or winter, and can be used to prevent and treat the physiological diseases from calcium-deficiency.

    1. Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate

      Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate is a nitrogen and calcium fertilizer, a raw material of manufacturing calcium ammonium nitrate and other nitrates.
      It can be used as a corrosive inhibitor in diesel fuels and a raw material in synthesizing hydroxyapatite. Use in the manufacture of fireworks, lamp-chimney.

    1. Magnesium nitrate

      The magnesium nitrate supplies crops with a highly soluble source of magnesium and nitrogen.
      It can also be used as the raw material of magnesium salt and nitrate salt in industry.

    1. Potassium nitrate

      Potassium nitrate is a highly efficient NK fertilizer, It is ideal K fertilizer for K-favour plants and chloride-sensitive crops.
      One of the main ingredients in pyrotechnic devices. Use for a food preservative. Use in manufacturing cigarettes, making color ceramic glaze, and making optical glass and kinescope glass.

    1. Calcium Nitrate

      Purity ≥99.0%
      Ca(NO3)2 68-71%
      Ca ≥16.6%
      Fe ≤0.0007 %

    1. Potassium nitrate

      Item :High-Class /First-Class /Qualified-Class
      Purity:99.5% min /99.3% min /98.5% min
      Moisture :1.0% max /1.5% max /2.0% max
      Chlorides (NaCL ) :0.15% max /0.25% max /----

Nitrate Fertilizer

The nitrate fertilizer refers to inorganic salts which are manufactured from the nitrate ion and the metal ions, such as Calcium ammonium nitrate, Potassium nitrate, Magnesium nitrate and so on.

Nitrate fertilizer is commonly used in agricultural industry as quick-acting fertilizer to supply the crops with calcium, potassium and other elements.

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