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Sodium Sulphate

CAS NO.: 7757-82-6
EINECS NO.: 231-820-9

Sodium sulphate is also called sodium sulphate anhydrous, Glauber salt or SSA. It is white flowing powder or crystal with its purity of 99% or 99.5%. Our product can be extensively available in textile, glass, paper making and cleaning agent.

Firstly, this product is packed in a jumbo bag with the weight of 50kg or 1000kg. Then, the package is put into per 20 inches FCL without pallet with the weight from 25 to 27 or from 20 to 22.

In industry, sodium sulphate is primarily used to produce water glass, porcelain glaze, desiccating agent, pharmaceutical etc. In chemical industry, it can be adopted to make sodium sulfide, sodium silicate and other chemical compounds. In laboratory, we can utilize our product to wash barium salts. This product can also serve as the laxative and the antidote of barium salts. Doctors often make use of it as bleaching agent to eliminate the color of disinfectant.

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