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Potassium iodate

Potassium iodate

Potassium iodate is a colorless crystal powder. It is a strong oxidizing agent, and can be used as disinfectants and additive.

Potassium iodate can be used as animal feed additives, and can also be used in the manufacture of disinfectants and iodine, as the additive in the salt to prevent the strumous disease.
The potassium iodate provides us an ideal solution for improving the quality of wheat, etc.

Appearance: Clear and colorless crystals powder
Potassium iodate 99%
Molecular Formula: KIO3
Assay: 99.0% min
I: 58.0% min

FNF is a China potassium iodate manufacturer and supplier. We offer potassium iodate, and humic acid powder, mepiquat chloride. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. FNF is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing dipotassium phosphate, copper sulphate pentahydrate, can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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