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EDDHA-Fe 6 refers to the range of products with 6% iron chelated by EDDHA. It is a dark red-brown micro-granular, stable water-soluble metal chelate.

EDDHA-Fe 6 is highly efficient for the prevention and the cure of iron deficiency. It can be used as a persistent and fast way to supply iron in the proper amount for the growth of plants. It can be directly used on the soil, show high stability and efficiency on the acid and alkaline soil.

Formula: C18H16N2O6FeNa
Appearance: Dark red-brown micro-granular; a stable water-soluble metal chelate
Iron chelated: 6%
Ortho-ortho iron content: 4.8%min, 4.2%, 4.0%, 3.6%, 3.0%, 2.4%, 2.0%
Solubility in water (for practical use): approx.400g/l
PH value (1% of the solution): 7-9

FNF is a China EDDHA-Fe 6 manufacturer and supplier. We offer EDDHA-Fe 6, and potassium fulvate powder, brassinolide. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. FNF is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing calcium superphosphate, potassium sulphate, can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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