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Applicable Crop Application Time Dosage and Application Method 
Wheat, corn Soak seeds with the product for 10 to12 hours before sowing. 1.5g dosage is sufficient for 1kg seed.
Peanut, cotton Full-bloom stage Each hectare land uses 750g dosage mixed with 750kg water for spraying.
Paddy rice Apply it when the seedling age is about 35 days. 2.6 to 3kg dosage is enough for each hectare field and 1500kg water should be mixed with the product for spraying.
Apple When young sprouts grow up to 5 to 10cm, the application can be conducted. Mix the product with the dilution of 500 to 700 times. Spraying can be conducted for every 10 days. Three times of spray is adequate.
Peach, hawthorn In autumn or spring Compound the product with the soil. 10 to 15g dosage for each plant is advised.
Soybean, potato In flowering season Each hectare land uses 900g dosage mixed with 750kg water for spraying.
Orange Summer shoot growth stage Spray leaf surface with the solution, the dilution of which is 150 times.
Mango In first third of May 15 to 20g dosage mixed with 10 to 20kg water for each plant. Then apply the solution into the circular furrow.
Tobacco In 5-7 leaf stage 900g dosage compounded with 750kg water per hectare is recommended for spraying.
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