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Potassium humate granular

Potassium humate granular

Potassium humate granular is a highly efficient organic fertilizer in black granular. It can be obtained by alkaline extraction of lignite or brown coal or leonardite. It is comprised of such active groups as hydroxyl, carboxylic acid salt and nitrogen.

1. Potassium humate granular can be used as fertilizer directly and raw material of compound fertilizer. It can improve the soil structure, increase the utilization rate of fertilizer, and improve the yield and quality of the product. Also, it can alleviate the toxicity of pesticide residue and prevent soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions as well as other harmful matters.
2. In industry, potassium humate granular can be used as drilling mud treatment agent, ion exchange, wastewater treatment compound, heavy metal adsorbent, etc.

1. HA07 (Potassium humate first grade granular)
Appearance: Black irregular granular (1-5mm size granular more than 90%)
Soluble matter in water (dry base): 75.0% min
Humic acid (dry base): 65.0% min
K2O (dry base): 10.0% min
Moisture: 15.0% max
pH: 9.0-10.0
2. HA08 (Potassium humate second grade)
Appearance: Black granular (2-4mm)
Humic acid (dry base): 55% min
K2O: 10% min
Moisture: 15% max
Solubility: 85% min

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