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Brief Introduction
1. Product name: Thidiazuron
2. Other names: Dropp, separate
3. Formulation: 50% WP
4. CAS NO.: 51707-55-2

This product is a commendable defoliant. After absorbed by plants, this product boosts the natural formation of tissue isolation between the petiole and the stem and finally makes leaves fall off from the stem.

Applicable Scope
It can be applied to the cotton and the peanut as a defoliant.

When 70% of cotton bolls crack, users can spray the complete cotton plant with the solution. Each hectare field needs 1500g dosage which should be mixed with the water for spraying. The leaves begin to fall off and the number of open cotton bolls increases 10 days after the application, and the peak season will come after 15 days.

1. Do not apply the thidiazuron untimely, or it will affect the output.
2. If it rains within 2 days after the application, the efficacy will be affected, so please notice the weather before the application.
3. Please avoid contaminating other crops for fear of the risk of damage.

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