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Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer

Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer

Magnesium is one of the indispensable elements for the growth of crops. It is also the core element of chlorophyll in crops. This element can not only accelerate the synthesis of diversified substances and enhance the disease resistance, but also improve the reduction process of vegetation and promote the activation of enzymes. It can make the hardened soil loose and powerful, and also make the vegetation root system well-developed. By fully absorbing nutrients, plants become more lush.

In particular, the potatoes, vegetables and crops in plastic greenhouse are easily lack of magnesium. Accordingly, they will fail to normally create photosynthesis, and then lead to the reduction of output.

Introduction to Magnesium Sulfate Functions
Magnesium is a central element of chlorophyll. It is an essential element in photosynthesis. Additionally, the magnesium element acts as the activator of numerous enzymes. It can facilitate the carbohydrate metabolism, phosphate conversion, and the synthesis of nucleic acid, among others. As a component of polysome, the magnesium involves in the synthesis of proteins. As a constituent of part of chromosomes, it functions as the transmission media of genes.

Sulfur and magnesium can provide crops with abundant nutrients, which help promote crop growth and increase yield. Furthermore, it can loosen soil and improve soil texture.

Symptoms When Lacking Sulfur and Magnesium
1. The chlorosis mainly produces stripes. Severe deficiency may lead to exhaustion or even death.
2. Green leaves may diminish, and their edges will shrink.
3. Pale orange, red or purple spots may occur, which look like marbling.
4. Leaves will be fallen untimely, because they can be easily attacked by bacteria.

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